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San Francisco Honors HASF's
Executive Director R. M. Leon

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors awarded HASF Executive Director Robert M. Leon on June 4, 2019, with a Certificate of Honor for his 41-year involvement with the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair (HASF). He has served as the Executive Director/Producer since 2007 with award winning results.


Booth E20N: Sunde White Industries
This booth is: Confirmed

SUNDE WHITE INDUSTRIES:  Sunde started Sunde White Industries in 2009.  She makes everything totally by hand drawng, paiting, cutting & gluing her images together piece by piece.   Sunde gets her inspiration from her dogs, nature & urban San Francisco.  When she is not drawing, she is surfing, snowboarding, hiking, reading marketing manual, making low-budget videos & cuddling with her dogs.