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ENGRAFFT is an original, artist created, high concept, high quality street-art-rooted clothing line from California. Started, operated, hand drawn/designed and screen-printed by San Francisco born and raised/ Monterey based mixed-media visual graphic artist/designer Derek Hanneman, who created it for the love of the art. 

The concept behind ENGRAFFT is combining these original, 'living' (alive) graphic styles created by Derek, various art forms including graffiti, illustration, graphic design and clothing like grafting together organic parts of plants into a new hybrid form; ENGRAFFT aka“Art Infused Clothing” or “Grafted Art Clothing”.  Aiming to "ENGRAFFT" on the bodies and minds, by using hand screen printed clothing as a vessel and making Derek’s art wearable . In addition to spreading the art, hoping to make an inspiring imprint. ENGRAFFT’s message is remain creating, remain original, remain inspired. ENGRAFFT ‘s movement is the Living Styles Movement. Become one of the Engraffted."