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Jolly Rodger (signed & numbered) 1999

Price: $177.00

Only four (4) prints available (prints #184; #187; #188 & #191).

All sheets have slight damage, where some purf is bent and/or broke. All sales are as is and final.

Pink Flamingos

Price: $252.00




Price: $252.00



Jerry Garcia’s Art - LSD Blotter Art

Price: $252.00

This blotter showcases twelve of the late Jerry Garcia’s LSD inspired paintings, measures 10" inch x 7.5", comprising of 1200 hits, very thin paper, which has a net like pattern structure. There seems to be at least two variants of this blotter, an earlier one from 95’ and one from 98’(?)



Price: $252.00

Out of New York, min 1990's; only two prints available.

LEARY PROFILE, signed by Mark McCloud. Only six available.

Price: $152.00

This was issued at a time when Leary knew that his death was fairly imminent. It shows a detailed, full size profile image of Tim, imposed upon a background of "smi2le" and other images. The term "smi2le" stand for a theory of Leary's: "Space Migration=intelligence2x life extension". Other images superimposed on the Leary profile include, the image of death on his left shoulder, which in turn is printed on "skulls" which are based upon famous alternative artist S. Clay Wilson`s "Jolly Roger" icon. The musical notes which appear on his face are from another of Tim`s favorite blotter pieces.